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China EMC 2018 & China MW2018 is the leading EMC, Microwave, Antenna and RF Exhibition with conferences, forums, seminars and workshops in China, which will be held at Beijing International Convention Center (nearby attractions: 2008 Beijing Olympic Main Venue-Bird Nest and Water Cube), Beijing, China on June 12-14, 2018.

The event will consist of three days exhibition, three days conferences, forums and three days workshops, seminars and lectures.

The 3-days exhibition will provide a most valuable opportunity with the exhibitors to have a face-to-face contacts, meeting and business cooperation with over 5,000 key EMC and Microwave technicians and key customers from electronics, power, smart grid, new energy automobile, aviation, aerospace, medical systems, military, telecommunication, IoT, precision manufacturing,  post, shipping, railway, transportation, broadcasting, lighting, petroleum, chemical, mining, textile, information, metrology, meteorology and etc, mainly from China and part from Southeast Asia.  

Three-day high-ranking forums, seminars and workshops, lectures and new product releases activities (totally over 70 sessions, 80-120 attendess/each session) will focus at the forefront and offer an insight into advanced & cutting-edge EMC&EMI, Chambers, Shielding, Filters, Microwave and RF technology, whole solutions, service innovations, market development and business opportunities in automotive, broadcasting, electronics, medical systems, aerospace, smart household applicanes, smart grid, telecommunications, smart transportation, EM Environments, Testing, Standards and etc.., together with CNAS and CISPR Forums. The leaders, well-known scholars, experts and key important customers from government, academy and every industry will share with you great market opportunities and technology innovations to ensure you have the first-hand & satisfactory policy, information, technology, solution, service and especially the most valuable commercial and business resources.

As the spotlights of the event,  large-scale conferences will be hosted:

`2018 China International Conference on Equipment Informatization with EMC and Microwave Technology(estimated scale: over 1000 attendees);

`2018 China International Conference on Radar and Wireless Communications with EMC and Microwave Technology`(estimated scale: 800 attendees)

`2018 China International Conference on New Energy Vehicle, Power, Smart Grid, IoT, Roborts, Smart Manufacturing and Telecommunications with EMC and Microwave Technology` (estimated scale: 800 attendees).

The conferences get the great supports and active participations from United Staff Headquarter and Armament Department of Central Military Commission and CETC, CASIC, CASC, AVIC, CSSC, CSIC, CNIGC, CNNC, CNEEC, and also from China Automotive, Power, Telecommunications, Medical Systems, Smart Grid, Radar, Wireless Communications, ECM and IoT, Robots, Smart Manufacturings industries and Government branches related. We estimate that near 3000 senior management, technicians & customers from aerospace, aviation, ship, military, electronics , telecommunications, power, smart grid , automobile, new energy vehilces, wireless, IoT and nuclear industry will attend the conferences and visit the exhibition!


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2018 China International Exhibition on EMC/EMI, Microwave, Antenna and Safety Certifications & Tests Organizer